About the Author

Gwendolyn Javor was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After attending university and law school in New York City, she realized that practicing was not her life's purpose. Instead, she began working on projects focused on promoting love and acceptance of individuality. The idea of helping others learn to cherish their uniqueness became her passion that soon developed into a mission. Inspired by paintings she made in high school, she saw an opportunity to share her message with children; and so, the Absurdimals were born.

Gwendolyn believes in the goodness of children, and in their power to make for a better tomorrow. It is her hope that with the help of the Absurdimals, we can teach children to appreciate and respect one another, regardless of differences, while learning to love themselves - absurdities and all.

About the Characters

The Absurdimals were created to be help children of all backgrounds learn to love and accept themselves for who they are. There is no greater gift than life itself, and we at the Absurdimals believe that every child deserves to live their life in free expression of who they are.


The Absurdimals represent the diverse, changing faces of our world and strive to de-stigmatize that which society unfairly and arbitrarily labels as "absurd" or too different. Our motto is that there is "no such thing as too different, there is only new-different!" 


Lola, Chester, and Dale know a lot about being different because they're all hybrid animals! Along with their quirky animal friends, they help kids embrace the things that make them unique, because the best thing you can be is exactly who you are.



Chester the DOCK


Dale the FRAT

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