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Absurdimals - Lola Goes to School named a winner in the 2018 Independent Author Network Awards Best Books!

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 Lola Goes to School

Chester Learns to Swim


Running Children

"ABSURDIMALS is far more than an exceptionally entertaining book – it is a health worldview that offers very sound advice for adults, too. Highly recommended." - Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

"Excellent concept, beautifully scripted and illustrated"

Bird Costume

"The author of this amazing children’s book, Gwendolyn Javor is on a mission, and the mission is to reach out to children and through her wonderful storytelling teach them that it is okay to be different." - Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review

"Be different, be an Absurdimal!"

mother and daughter

"As a mother, this is the sort of book I would read to my children if they were still young. I really enjoyed it myself, and highly recommend it. If we teach children about love and acceptance now, they will always carry that seed with them." - Pamela Gossiaux, Author

"Absurdimals teaches children the power of acceptance"


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Happy Mother with her Child

"A sensitive and insightful perspective, particularly as it relates to young children establishing peer relationships in early developmental years. This delightful children’s book inspires the reader to look beyond obvious physical attributes to discover the unique and genuine qualities found within every human being." - Katherine, Amazon Customer

Kindergarten Guide

"This colorful book about an unusual animal that contains parts of two animals is great. It offers kids a kind of story they are unaccustomed to reading or hearing. The unusual parts that make up of Lola stimulates thinking and prompt kids to use their imagination. The book also causes kids to think about people who are different than them in looks, acts, and religions." - Israel Drazin, Amazon Top Contributor: Children's Books

Beginners Martial Arts Class
Kids Blowing Bubbles

"I read this and almost started crying. It's about being a weirdo, and god knows we're all weirdos. Some people will treat us badly for being different, but in the end, whatever makes each person special is stronger than that. This is a book about self-love, and it can benefit everyone, not just children. If more people felt the love that Lola does, the world would be a better place." - Jon Pritzker, Amazon Customer

"I loved reading this inspiring children's book that teaches children to embrace their individuality by recognizing that being different is ok and even beautiful. I am so proud of Gwendolyn Javor for using this book to create a strong foundation for embracing diversity and building the character of our little ones." - Luisa Diaz, former Miss Venezuela

Kids in Slide

 As we see from Lola’s adventures, diversity is happening at a lightning-quick pace. As Lola learns about the world, “There’s no too different, there’s only new-different.” - John Kelly, Detroit Free Press

An Absurdimal is anyone who has ever felt, or been told, there is something "absurd" or "too different" about them. We all have our own understanding of being different, but as a part of the Absurdimals family, we embrace all of those differences as essential pieces of our individuality. Importantly, we recognize that - though our experiences may not be the same - we are connected by the shared emotions they elicit from us.


The          Most Important Things your Child Will Learn


1. To love and appreciate what makes them unique.

2. That there is no such thing as "too different."

3. There is only "new-different."

4. With time and understanding, all things come to be accepted.

5. Show love to yourself and others; it will be reflected back to you.

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#1 Book for learning to love what's unique about YOU!

Teach your child to love themselves and others today!

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